NDL Craft’s high-quality brite beer tanks are the perfect vessels for clarifying, carbonating, and maturing your brew.

Whether you’re in need of a single-wall serving tank or a jacketed brite tank for storage, NDL Craft has the manufacturing expertise build custom brite tanks of all sizes and configurations. We produce AISI 304 stainless steel brite tanks certified to international pressure standards and offer material exactness, complete traceability, and rigorous welding and polishing standards.

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Key Features

  • Both single-wall and jacketed/insulated tank designs
  • Tank fully customizable to meet brewing requirements
  • Designed and built to international pressure and sanitation standards
  • Round design with dished head and bottom
  • Insulated with Polyurethane foam
  • Double-acting air vent vale (below 100HL)
  • Pressure and anti-vacuum vale (100HL and above)
  • CIP with spray ball and blow-off arms
  • Thermometer boss
  • Sampling valve
  • Manhole
  • Standpipe
  • Outlet